I love to dye fabric, make thread pictures and quilt. I live in the Yukon on an acreage with my husband, 2 dogs and 34 fish. It's the 'good' life.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cardinal Art Quilt Classes--Done!

I must say I really enjoyed these 3 artsy styled classes that started by painting the cardinal, to embellishing the piece, to finishing it with thread painting. I have wanted to teach this style of class for several years now, so it was very satisfying to see it come to fruition.

Janet's cardinal. Wendy in the background

Because I didn't want to have a closed class, I allowed anyone to sign up who wanted for one, two or all three classes. In hindsight, this was probably not a good idea, but it worked out just fine. People like Wendy (above) just did a smaller piece in the thread painting class. I'll show you her cardinal below. Quite stunning!

Look at those yarn branches!
Close up of Debbie's cardinal 
And this is Debbie. Debbie has never made a quilt and has only been sewing for a few months. I don't even think she has a sewing machine, but here she is creating a fabulous cardinal. The free motion quilting didn't even faze her at all. What a trooper!

Are you having fun?
As a person who is forever hamming it up for the camera, I love a kindred spirit. :-)  If you click on the picture (this or any of my pics), you may be able to see the lovely branches and puffy painted snow. We had a class of Friday, then this final class the next Monday. This was done during the weekend--Gina says it was 'homework'. 

Notice the backing? I always, always suggest using a busy backing piece so that stitching is somewhat hidden when you thread paint all the layers together.  

Metallic threads here were gorgeous.
I could kick myself for not getting a close up of Sarah's cardinal because she used the most beautiful dark red metallic thread for some of her cardinal. Sarah hums loudly-as she is stitching and is not adverse to letting out a resounding screech if she does something good, bad, funny, interesting, odd or just because she is a fun, happy person. 

Look at the concentration!
I felt SO bad for Sara. She brought 2 sewing machines and one would not start and the other would not allow her to free motion. So I let her use my class machine. She was off and running then. I didn't hear a complaint out of her all evening. Now THAT is a great person to have in your class.. 

Catherine made a mini
And what a trooper! Catherine had just flown in from Ontario that day (10+ hours) and was bound and determined to make this class, as work out of town had prevented her from attending the other classes. So Catherine got a mini cardinal and tried her very best to learn the techniques. I hope she soldiers on and finishes it, or tries another one when she is not so tired. I really liked her choice of reds here.

Janet wrestling her piece under the needle
This picture gives a much better idea of the actual size of the cardinal piece. I wanted something big because then people will hang it up. It seems when we do small pieces, under 9", they end up in a pile somewhere. The idea is to fool around with this piece and if you like it, then you have the tools, skills and confidence to continue on. I hope there are some more thread painters born from this humble beginning...

Add caption

And last but not least is Karen. I think Karen has been in every class I have taught since she also opens and closes the store. I like to think she takes these classes as well because she likes them. I mean, who wouldn't?? And she is taking her time on this cardinal and has a bet with the store owner that she will finish it.  Thank-you Karen for always being there and taking care of the till and helping me clean up. And your cardinal is awesome!

Oh yah! I was going to show you Wendy's cardinal. Here it is. Bye for now. I will post more often--promise. 

Small cardinal--14" x 8"

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Randomness That Is Me

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! My friend Janet at Caribou Crossing Chronicles nominated me. Thanks Janet. I have no idea what this is, but thanks anyway.

I was asked to list 11 random things about me. Here we go:
  • I love wearing arm cuffs. The more the merrier. Sometimes they go almost to my elbow.
  • I doodle on everything. When I used to have to spend hours in court, I could fill in pages of stars and flowers and zentangles. I was doing these long before I knew what Zentangles were.
  • I have adored zombie and vampires since I was a teenager.
  • There is nothing better—nothing—than a 1950’s sci-fi B movie. Nothing. Except;
  • The best movie(s) ever made were Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings.
  • I loathe ice cream, and I am not fond of chocolate.
  • I would eat potato chips and pepperoni sticks every day if I could. or anything salty.
  • I cannot ever hear or watch of any form of animal cruelty. If can affect me for weeks.
  • I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. It even smells bad to me. What is it with the coffee, folks?!
  • When I need to concentrate, I put on electronic, house, trance or breakbeat music.
  • Umm…. I am ashamed to admit I love the “Real Housewives” shows. They are so awful my jaw drops in disbelief.
Now I have to answer these questions:

1. Where were you born?  Do you still live there and like it?  If you don't live there would you want to live there again?
I was born in Hinton, Alberta and we moved to Calgary when I was 1 week old. My mother hated this town as it was where my father’s family was from and she was homesick for Calgary, had no friends, and her in-laws disapproved (I was born 5 months after my parents married). So although I was born in Hinton, I grew up in Calgary until we moved to Whitehorse, Yukon when I was 11 years old.
I love Calgary and many of my family still lives there. I would live there again, if I could ever leave my beloved Whitehorse.

2. How many pets have you had in your life time?  Do you have one now?
My family has always had dogs since I was a baby. The only time I have never had a pet was when I was in university. Currently I have my baby dachshund/Chihuahua, age 8 (left) and Fudge, age 16 (right). Fudge was inherited when my mom died 3 years ago. He still loves to play a bit and go for walks when it is warm.
clip_image002 clip_image004
We also have tons of fish and have recently lost our lovely finches when we had a house sitter. Not that I blame her (ahem..)

3. What is the most unusual place you have visited?That would be the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was there for the Thaipusam Festival years ago. It was strange, and scary and so different than anything I had ever seen before. And the cave is huge. There are no words to describe over 1 million devotees pierced and carried up these hundreds of stairs. Google it and see what I mean. I can still hear the monkeys screeching and howling at all of the people there..

4. Do you live in a castle, mansion, house, condo, apartment or tent - or a box on the street?
I live in a lovely 4 bedroom house on 5-6 acres in the city limits.

5. What made you laugh out loud most recently?
I laugh all the time, at silly, silly things. So I have laughed in the last 10 minutes about something. But the belly laugh was an hour ago. It is Mookie’s birthday today I made him a card that has my dachshund sniffing the air saying “Do I smell birthday cake?” and the old dog’s head popping up saying “cake???!!!”. We both laughed at this as my dog’s are mooches.

I laugh at funerals, when old and young people fall down, at silly commercials and funny looking food. Life makes me laugh and I am super immature. Check out my Pinterest picture.  :)

6. Do you wear the colour purple?
Never, ever, ever. I wear black. Maybe some red or blue, but only very rarely. I have always worn black and will likely wear black to my funeral. Ha! I don’t even like purple.

7. Do you tell people how old you are or are you coy about your age?
I used to always lie about my age, but now that I will be 50 this year, I tell everyone I can. I have to say people are usually very surprised as I do not look my age at all (and remember, I am really immature!), so this is fun to do. Here I am with Carol Taylor last fall (I know—she’s my hero!!!), and with my scraggly hair down. I recently cut it to shoulder length.

8. What is your pet name for your most loved one?
Mookie! That is my husband. From an old Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

9. What is the most favourite thing you have ever made - quilting, knitting, sewing or some other needlecraft?
The quilt I made for my mom was my most loved thing. We had a complicated relationship as she was an alcoholic and I could never see past that to the lady behind the alcohol. While making this quilt, I thought of all of the good, fun things about her and never, ever had a sad or angry thought when I created it. Unfortunately, mom never liked the quilt and it was left folded up behind her couch. When she passed away, my dad asked if he could have it and he sleeps under it every night. And he doesn’t want another one. So it’s pretty special.

10. Do you do crossword puzzles or Sudoku?
Hmm… this is really a piece of trivia. I have a lifetime issue with insomnia. One of the few ways I can sleep is by adhering to strict rituals. This includes listening to my audiobook in the tub while doing crossword puzzles—the word search ones. I do this almost every night and have for 20 years.

11. How many times a year do you wear longjohns?  Do you know what longjohns are? :)
I used to wear long johns all the time, but now I wear ski pants. Warmer, doesn’t get wet and I can take them off if I get too hot.

Probably the longest post I have ever done. Whoo!
If anyone would like to win an award I am to send along, I have a fascinating list of questions for you. Email me and I will send it to ya. Remember, if you accept, you have to answer ALL of the questions.

Update--as I said to Nancy, I don't know 11 bloggers with under 200 members who would want to do this, so I am picking one. And not posting who that is here (yet) so that she can say 'no damn way' if she wants.. lol

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Computer Issues

(Sent from a friend's computer)

Having some problems with Outlook and computer connections. If you have been emailing, sorry if I haven't replied..

Today went to the start of the Yukon Quest dog race from Whitehorse to Eagle Alaska. Here is one picture. It is awesome!!! Look at the dog straining to go, and look at the volunteer smiling. Love this picture..